"I have had asthma my whole life. When I started my fitness journey, I couldn't even run a half mile. Eventually I was able to run distance, but never without constant help from my inhaler. A year ago I started CF to help build muscle, but it has done so much more than that! I finally have the freedom to run long distances without worrying about my lungs. And today, for the 2nd time, a doctor has commented on my low resting heart rate and blood pressure. Thank you so much for the team and coaches at CFChan!"

"I love every single one of you! I feel incredibly grateful to have found Bring it!! Every instructor is amazing on their own and you all compliment each other perfectly. I would also like to add that Katy and Jaime both support, encourage, and push me when I need it. On the phone, Jaime gave me the confidence to show up on my first day ( I had never taken a group fitness class). A month ago she loaded my barbell heavier then I would have and told me to try it (I did just fine). Yesterday, she encouraged me to take Endurance Core; I'm now going to add it to my weekly schedule. I am so grateful for all of you!"

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