How do make up PEAK 3D classes work?

Any missed PEAK 3D class can be made up during another PEAK 3D class IF ROOM ALLOWS.  Classes are capped at 34 participants.

What are the upgrade options?

  • PEAK 3D x- $50 additional – This ALL IN option includes unlimited extra classes during the program.  You can attend any, non-CrossFit classes
  • PEAK 3D XX- $50 additional – This is a nutritional upgrade.   The program will follow the intermittent fasting guidlines. 
  • PEAK3D XXX- $74 additional - This upgrade is the mac daddy!  You will receive unlimited extra classes AND the nutritional program @ a 25% discount.
  • CrossFit $100 additional – This CrossFit option includes unlimited extra CrossFit Classes.  You can also use this upgrade to take any classes on the Bring It! Side.  You must have previously completed the CrossFit On-Ramp Program.

All Upgrades are available to you between the 1st class and the last PEAK 3D class.  The upgrades do expire and cannot be extended.  

Is there a PEAK 3D Facebook page?

Yes, this page is a great way to share motivation, find it, and support each other through your journey.  If you have specific questions for the Bring It! Staff those questions can be directed to

What are the dots on the floor for?

At Bring It! Studios it is important to us that you have enough space to allow you to work out comfortably and safely.  We do cap the class size, however many tend to congregate towards the back of the room.   Each dot has a 6 foot radius for each peak’er.

I am having dietary concerns, what options do you have?

We have a nutritional counselor on staff, access to Jodi and our entire PEAK 3D team has much experience they can share with you.  Let us know your concerns and we will ensure you get support!  We also have a nutritional upgrade available to you for an additional $50 for the 8 weeks of the program. 


I want to track my progress. What are my options?

You can track your progress in many ways.  Please download this self administered tracking log. 

Is babysitting available?

We do not currently have any sitters available.  However, if you are interested in babysitting please email   We would love to offer this as an available option, however it has not been a consistent need, which is difficult to staff. 

My muscles are sore – help!

No problem, we have options to help restore your muscles.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday we offer a Whole Body Balance class, or Sundays at 5pm try the Sling mo class.    Arriving early to each Peak class is vital.   Use our foam rollers or lacrosse balls.  These are key to the recovery of sore muscles, and keeping your body in prime condition during Peak 3D.

What do I need to bring to class with me?

Please ALWAYS carry in your shoes you plan to workout in.  This will help keep the sand and salt off our floors and will prolong the life of your shoes.  You will also want to bring a water bottle with you.  We do have water in the fridge for sale for $1.  Simply toss a dollar in the silver bucket on top of the fridge or jot it down on the clipboard…… It’s on the honor system. 

My back hurts, I think I did something to my shoulder……

Dr. Jason O’Donnell D.C, M.S is available on site by appointment only.  Add him to your Mindbody connect app.  Search for Athlete’s Edge.  Dr Jason’s in-house hours are:  M 545 am-745 am & 630 pm – 8pm, W 545 am-10 am & 630 pm-8 pm, & Fri 545 am – 745am.  You can also schedule with Dr. Jason at Knewtson Health Group in Excelsior.  952-470-8555. Jayme Sussner, is our inhouse staff Exercise Rehab Specialist.  He is also available by appointment. 

Do you participate in Health Insurance Wellness Programs?

Yes, we do! We are currently enrolled with Health Partners, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN & Preferred One (Enrollment forms are below) Medica is not accepting new gyms at this time and Aetna does not have a wellness fitness offering. If interested in getting your insurance provider signed up, please talk to your HR dept as well as email Lets see what we can do!

BCBS MN Enrollment Form
Health Partners Form
Preferredone Form

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