Peak 10 is an 8-week class series that uses our unique “Climb to the Peak” system of metabolic circuit training designed to challenge, inspire and transform your body. The Peak 10 program was designed with two main goals in mind: to help YOU get in the best shape of YOUR life (lean, ripped, strong and fit) and to give the experienced exerciser an opportunity to take their fitness to a whole new level and breaking through plateaus that have limited their fitness results.


"Change your body, change your life". We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be in the best shape of their life, regardless of gender or age. Being in top physical condition, feeling confident and bodily able to tackle life head-on is transformation and transcends into every part of a person's life to empower him or her to strive to be the best at any level. We also believe in the power of group support in helping someone achieve his or her goal. Joining a group of like-minded people and being a part of something exciting, challenging and fun elicits better and more consistently inspiring results to help anyone feel leaner, stronger and fitter than ever!

Peak 10 programming has been developed to be consistent with current industry standards and guidelines regarding High Intensity and Metabolic Circuit Training (MCT).

During registration, choose the session you prefer. Click on the "REGISTER NOW" button and follow the steps to register, purchasing the Peak 10 pricing package you desire.

**if you experience issues registering please try another browser besides chrome.  Also clearing your cache and search history may do the trick.**


8 weeks, 3 per week including a before Fit Test,  measurements, pictures and a 5 day detox.  $325



Basic Peak 10 + unlimited additional classes to maximize your results.  



Available for CrossFit athletes who want to participate in Peak 10 and continue in CrossFit classes for their additional workouts each week. Completion of the CF On-Ramp program is required prior to the start of Peak 10. The CF Upgrade is $100 for unlimited classes during the Peak 10 session time frame. $399


FALL 2018 Peak 10 Registration Details


  • Your first 2 classes each week are Cardio-Strength Combination classes.
  • Your 3rd class is all Cardio (either Fridays at 5:15am, 9:15am,  or Saturdays at 8:00am)
  • 5 day Detox 
  • FIT TEST, before pictures, weight, and initial measurements will all take place Sunday September 16th at 8AM
  • Basic & ALL IN include an Orientation immediately following the 8AM FIT TEST
  • We HIGHLY encourage you to attend Sunday September 16th.   If you are unable to attend, you may have measurements & photos taken immediately following your 1st Peak class. 
  • FALL Peak will run 9/17 - 11/9 (8 weeks).  
  • Peak 10 Alumni: If you refer a new Peak'er who signs up for FALL 2018 Peak 10, we are offering a complimentary upgrade to our "ALL IN" Peak package - unlimited extra classes during Peak!

PEAK 10 FALL 2018 Session Choices  

with Erin, Jodi, Britt, Carrie & Tricia

Choose between our AM or PM sessions - see below for details
Classes are held 3 times a week for 8 weeks

  • Starting SEPTEMBER 17TH Mon/Wed/Fri    5:15am - 6:15am
  • Starting SEPTEMBER 17TH Mon/Wed/Fri   9:15am - 10:15am  
  • Starting SEPTEMBER 18TH  Tue/Thu  6:30pm - 7:30pm + Sat 8:00am

All Participants will receive:

  • A nutritional guide with meal ideas.
  • Blood pressure and resting heart rate monitored before and after the program.
  • Body measurements before, mid point and after the program, so you can keep track of your progress.
  • Weekly weigh-ins.
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Peak 10 / Bring It! swag.
  • Before and after pictures.
  • Access to the 5 day detox


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