Katy & Jaime went from friends to workout partners to business partners, opening Bring It! Studios in July 2012 to offer boutique fitness classes in Chanhassen, MN. When their half-marathon training began to incorporate group fitness classes, the busy working moms faced challenges trying to coordinate their schedules. What started as a casual conversation about their ideal fitness studio soon became a mission statement: To bring the Chan/Chaska area a studio filled with a variety of high-energy, amazing instructors offering an exciting mix of classes designed to challenge both novice and experienced exercisers. Bring It! Studios was born.

Erin, whose family had recently relocated back to MN, met Jaime at a back-to-school night event and quickly joined Bring It! as an instructor. She fit right in with Bring It's vision of an independent exercise facility and pitched Peak 10 to a resounding YES! Erin joined Jaime & Katy as an equal partner in January 2013. Together the trio orchestrated a move to a nearby larger space and the launch of Bring It’s very first session of Peak 10 [January 2013].
The new space had a warehouse that was practically begging for a CrossFit gym to fill it. Researching the world of CrossFit brought the amazing duo of Britt and Caleb into our lives and on board as CrossFit partners and L-1 coaches when CrossFit Chanhassen opened in May 2013.  Britt and Caleb are magnetic.  Their presence on the CrossFit floor is just as big as their personalities.  

Bring It Studios/CrossFit Chanhassen is a unique hybrid facility - whether you prefer group x classes, are a dedicated CrossFitter, or like to mix it up, we offer something to appeal to every body.

Together the five of us - Jaime, Katy, Erin, Caleb & Britt - bring decades of fitness expertise, enthusiasm, business acumen, and people-focused dedication to our passion - Bring It! Studios and CrossFit Chanhassen. We hope you love it as much as we do. "It's not just a gym, it's a family!" 
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2963 Water Tower Place Chanhassen, MN 55317 | bringitstudios@gmail.com | crossfitchanhassen@gmail.com | 952.361.3575