We offer an opportunity to attend a FREE onramp class by appointment.    Our CF-1 Trainers will guide you through a short workout using body weight movements that anyone can perform regardless of athletic ability.    You will also be introduced to the CrossFit methodology and programming structure.  After the workout we will discuss whether our programming philosophy is a good fit for you and answer questions about our On-Ramp program and monthly class package options.

Onramp is offered M/TH @ 6 am  - M/TH @ 6pm  -  T/W @ 5pm.  Please email crossfitchanhassen@gmail.com to book your FREE onramp session.

Once you’ve decided to begin training with us you have two options:

Option 1: Begin with On-Ramp Classes (OR)

On-Ramp Classes meet 4 days a week  (see our Schedule page for times). On-Ramp focuses on teaching CrossFit’s foundational movements along with ramping up the intensity of the scheduled workouts. In each class you’ll learn 1-3 new movements, practice those movements, and participate in a workout that can be scaled for all fitness levels. (18 yrs old+)

On-Ramp is an 8-session program that prepares you for regular CrossFit workouts.   

On-Ramp has 3 primary focuses.  Squats, push and pulls.    This rotation ensures you learn the 9 main lifts AND the essential skills necessary for your success in CrossFit.  You are required to attend 3 squat focused classes, 3 push focused classes and 2 pull focused classes.  On-ramp classes are listed in our schedule and labeled with the focus of that day.

You can complete the 8 classes as fast or slow as your schedule allows you.  If it takes you 6 weeks to complete the 8 classes we do not start your monthly package until then.  If it takes you 2 weeks you do pay for  your monthly package until the full month has passed.

You may attend any class on our schedule during your On-ramp program with the exception of  Peak 10, Small Group Training, CF-WOD, CF-OLY and CF-Competition.

You can start attending the WOD's and OLY classes as soon as your 8 classes are completed.

(WOD=Workout of the Day, OLY= Olympic Lifting, or Open Gym).

Click Here to see Pricing.

Questions?  Contact us crossfitchanhassen@gmail.com​​

Option 2: Test Out for CF-1

If you are experienced in CrossFit or are a current CF-1 Certificate Holders and looking to jump right into regular CrossFit sessions, you may schedule a meeting with one of our CF-1 Trainers and test out.

Our CF-1 Trainers will need to observe your ability to properly and safely perform functional movements commonly associated with CrossFit workouts. Upon a successful pass given by one of our CF-1 Trainers, you will be able to sign up and participate in full-on CrossFit workouts at CrossFit Chanhassen!  No On-Ramp classes will be required for those who test out.

Questions?  Contact us crossfitchanhassen@gmail.com​​

Begin with Private Training

We understand that CrossFit is new to many people.  With this in mind, we offer the option of personal training instead of our On-Ramp program.  Please contact us if you would like more information about this option. Our CF-1 trainers have many years of experience and can create programs tailored to your specific fitness goals.

Questions? Contact us crossfitchanhassen@gmail.com
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