CrossFit WOD

The CrossFit WOD--Workout of the Day. The WOD is a programmed workout that is consistent throughout the day. Our coaches prepare the programming  These classes are ONLY available to clients who have previously completed an On-Ramp series at CrossFit Chanhassen or an affiliated CrossFit gym.

CrossFit - OnRamp

On-Ramp focuses on teaching CrossFit’s foundational movements along with ramping up the intensity of the scheduled workouts. In each class you’ll learn 1-3 new movements, practice those movements, and participate in a workout that can be scaled for all fitness levels. (18 yrs old+). On-Ramp has 3 primary focuses. Squats, push and pulls. This rotation ensures you learn the 9 main lifts AND the essential skills necessary for your success in CrossFit. You are required to attend 3 squat focused classes, 3 push focused classes and 2 pull focused classes. On-Ramp classes are listed in our schedule and labeled with the focus of that day.


CrossFit Olympic Lifting + Mobility - 90 Min

Olympic Weightlifting (OLY) classes consists of: 1. Dynamic warm-up, and flexibility 2. Skill-Transfer and Skill-Development. Whether you’re training for a competition, new to the lifts, developing your athletic capacity for another sport, or just enjoy the feeling of moving something heavy over-head, this class is for you! The last 30 min of the class will focus on mobility.

CrossFit Open Gym

This time slot is left up to your design. You can complete todays WOD, last weeks, work on a lift you are looking to improve or complete the competition programming that has been designed for you this week. A CrossFit coach is present in all open gyms. These classes are ONLY available to clients who have previously completed an On-Ramp series at CrossFit Chanhassen!!

CrossFit - Competition Class

CrossFit is the Sport of Fitness and competition is great way to test yourself and push your boundaries. 
Our Competition Training Class is for anyone interested in taking their fitness to the next level. 
In these training session we will step up the pace and you will be pushed. We’ll do Challenge WODS, Team WODS, we may even do multiple WODS to mimic Competition Formats. Could be a max efforts, could be Metcons, could be the workout of the day. Focus will be on Strength, applying the Olympic Lifts in a competition format, Endurance and advanced skills such as Muscle Ups, Hand Stand Push Ups, Pistols, etc. Whatever it is, warm up and be ready to WOD.
You must have at least 6 months of CrossFit experience.
You must have knowledge and understanding of all CrossFit movements and modalities and if you scale, you know how much.
The program will focus on improving capacity across strength domains, combined with long term skill set and endurance development.
Coaches and athletes will be working out together.
You must enjoy a competitive environment.
This time slot also offers Open Gym.  The opportunity for those wanting to work on skills at their own pace.

Endurance / Mobility

Expect rowing, cardio intervals and kettlebells followed by a 30 minute focus on mobility. Our coaches will guide you through movements beneficial to resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing your total fitness performance.

Endurance Core

Expect intervals of core conditioning with cardiovascular exercises.


A kettlebell is one of the best tools in the industry to achieve fat loss and increase strength--all in a “hand held gym”.

Strength & Stretch

This class is taught by a CrossFit coach. A combination of challenging work with weights followed by essential STRETCHES. The weight work is scaled to your level- no crossfit experience necessary.
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