Coach/Programmer/Owner, CrossFit Chanhassen
Instructor, Bring It Studios


BS Exercise Physiology,
Minor: coaching and communications




Collegiate sports:
Hockey, Track and Field

In Addition:
High School Hockey Coach
5th overall pick to NPGL
NPGL Boston Iron
CF Regional competitor for 3 years
75 kg weightlifter

Britt instructs the following:
  • CrossFit WOD
  • The CrossFit WOD--Workout of the Day. The WOD is a programmed workout that is consistent throughout the day. Our coaches prepare the programming  These classes are ONLY available to clients who have previously completed an On-Ramp series at CrossFit Chanhassen or an affiliated CrossFit gym

  • CrossFit - Olympic Lifting / Open Gym

  • Strength & Stretch
  • A combination of challenging progressions in strength followed by essential STRETCHES & foam rolling. The weight work is scaled to your level--no crossfit experience necessary.

  • Open Gym

  • Total Conditioning
  • Total Conditioning is designed to work your strengths but, push you outside of your comfort zone by working your weaknesses too.

    *The class will vary each week.
    *It is meant for beginners through advanced students
    *It is meant for men and women alike
    *It will follow the same outline following this format:

    -Warmup (5-10min)

    -Strength (15-25min) 2-3 sets of 4-5 muscle groups focused on lifting HEAVY - whatever heavy is for YOU.

    -Anaerobic (10-15min) - Intervals that will get your heartrate UP and push your heart health and your calorie burn throughout the day.

    -Core (5-10min) Abs, lower back, inner thigh, hips, and lower abs.

    -Flexibility/Mobility (5-10min) - Keeping the muscles & connective tissue supple & strong so you can come back and do it all again tomorrow!

  • Endurance Core
  • Expect intervals of core conditioning with cardiovascular exercises.

  • CrossFit - Onramp Pull Series (2 required)
  • 2 pull focused classes required to graduate from the onramp program.
    On-Ramp focuses on teaching CrossFit’s foundational movements along with ramping up the intensity of the scheduled workouts. In each class you’ll learn 1-3 new movements, practice those movements, and participate in a workout that can be scaled for all fitness levels. (18 yrs old+). On-Ramp has 3 primary focuses. Squats, push and pulls. This rotation ensures you learn the 9 main lifts AND the essential skills necessary for your success in CrossFit. You are required to attend 3 squat focused classes, 3 push focused classes and 2 pull focused classes. On-ramp classes are listed in our schedule and labeled with the focus of that day.

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