This was my 6th PEAK 10 and I continue to love it! I signed up for my first one because a friend said it was good. I did not really know what I was signing up for but thought I would give it a try since I was bored with what I was doing. When I received my welcome email explaining the fit test, I joked that it sounded like I had signed up for the biggest loser. Little did I know that almost 2 years later, I would be down 3 pant sizes, but more importantly I feel better than I have for years. Getting to the gym 5-6 days a week is sometimes hard, but with the motivation of all of the exceptional instructors and the friends that I have made, makes getting up at 4:30 that much easier. Thanks for creating such a motivating place!

-Sheri Best
"I love the change in perspective that has happened for me over the last four peaks. Although I continue to watch the scale I find myself more interested in my progress in inches lost as well as the physical changes in my body due to putting muscle on my body. I have also realized this is not a quick process it takes time and ongoing perseverance. I personally have lost more inches than weight in the last year and I love that! I look forward to the continued progress over the next year!"

-4 time Peak'er

If you are thinking about signing up for Bring It Studio's Peak 10 series, stop thinking and get registered!  I'm in my mid-40's and definitely needed to get into better shape, but in all my life I'd never taken a fitness class, preferring instead to just run on a treadmill.  My wife, Michele, introduced me to Bring It Studios, where timing & fate came together.  They were about to kick off their first-ever session of Peak 10 and she convinced me that we should sign-up.  To say I was skeptical would be an understatement, but I knew I needed to do something.  I was hopeful that I could shed 10-12 lbs. from my 5'10" 186 lb. body.  To my amazement, I lost 20 lbs. over the 8 week course and am in the absolute best shape of my life!  I'm eating healthier, am significantly stronger than ever, feel incredible and am actually proud of my body for the first time in many years.  And Michele's favorite?  I stopped snoring after week 3!

And it's sustainable!  I've kept the weight off and thanks to Erin & the Bring It Studio staff, I've mixed up my workout routines and continue to get even stronger.  A HUGE thanks to Erin for helping me transform my body, my heart and my life!

Peak 10 - it works! 

Brian P.
Peak 10 helped me to build muscle and stamina. It is a fantastic program that will allow you to reach your goals.

-Peak 10 participant

I exercise 7 days a week and LOVE working out hard. This was by far the best class I've ever taken! I am so happy with how my body changed and will definitely being taking more Peaks in the future. 

-Julie Lonning

The scale really isn't everything. I was discouraged at times due to not seeing the results I desired on the scale even though I was eating clean. However, I lost inches and most importantly dedicated 3 hours a week to improving my health.

- Peak 10 Fall 2015 participant
I love the peak 10 program. I think the key to its efficacy, is that once you learn the routine you can push yourself further and harder with each class. There is always a way to make it take you to the peak of your performance capability, whether it is pushing to get in every rep, or working with heavier weights. The nutrition guide is also very helpful. The most helpful for me has been the pre-workout eating suggestions. Peak has done wonders for my flabby aging body...I just wish we could do it one week longer every time! See you next peak!

I just loved how I felt after every workout. By the end, I wasn't so worried about the pounds I was or wasn't losing because I noticed such a huge change in how I felt both physically and mentally. Thank you!!!

-Peak 10 fall 2015 participant
In the last 2 years (since I started Peak 10) I have heard from more people in their 20's and 30's that they wish they were in as good of shape as I am....I am 46! Thank you Peak 10 and Bring IT Studios!

-Peak 10 dedicated participant
"Peak 10 intimidated me at the beginning! But, with Erin giving me the confidence to push myself, quickly I felt a change within and saw a change in the mirror.  Yes the pounds dropped, but I was surprised to see muscle start popping up I didn't know I had. Clothes were fitting differently while some stopped fitting altogether. After Peak 10 ended the realization hit me that my attitude toward exercise had completely changed. Exercise was no longer something I had to do, it is part of who I am, what I choose to do and I enjoy it! I enjoyed the sweating, pushing myself, and the camaraderie I developed with my new PEAK 10 friends.  I'm excited to challenge myself even further during this next Peak 10. The after picture only shows part of my total transformation :)"

Pascha D.
Prior to Peak 10, I was hardly working out and putting on the pounds.  A friend found the website for BringIt Studios and information about a class called Peak 10.  We both needed "something" to get us back into working out and keep us motivated.  Peak 10 offered the structure and accountability that I needed to get back into a workout routine, so, I signed up.

Classes started in February and WOW!! The energy from Erin, the instructor, was fantastic, the energy from the others in the class, Amazing. We all formed a camaraderie that helped us push each other.  This class made me WANT to come back for more.  I became a Peak 10 addict.  After the 8 weeks we had a final weigh in and had our measurements taken.  My final results: Weight loss of 18.5 pounds and 19 inches!!!!  When I started Peak 10 I wanted to be one of the top participants for weight loss and I was--this was my victory!!  I set my mind to a goal and I did it.

I fit into my cute jeans and work clothes that I have not fit into since before I gave birth to my 4 year old daughter.  I feel amazing! I have confidence again and an added spunk that I thought I had lost.  I look forward to my second round of Peak 10 to lose an additional 10+ pounds and hit my ultimate goal weight.

Thank you Peak 10, Erin, Jaime and Katy for bringing this program to Chanhassen!!

Laura S.
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